Founded over fifteen years ago in the picturesque UK Peak District market town of Glossop, GAP have grown to offer today a wide range of production options, specialising particularly in a low energy low temperature process known as structural forming, and also a process known as overmoulding where different materials can be combined, e.g. metal and acrylic or wood and polymer for example.

The structural technology is used in the majority of the current range of hangers and in the longer term the company plan to exploit their opportunities for original hanger design combined with the ability to offer a flexible and rapid supply source independent of the increasing risk of vagaries caused by long sea distance supply chains.

Sales at GAP Plastics Limited,
Units 16 - 17 Glossop Brook Business Park,
Surrey Street, GLOSSOP, Derbyshire UK - SK13 7AJ                   Tel: +44 1457  856900