About Securiclip

An investment not an overhead

The idea came to produce another hanger option for hoteliers by using alternative materials, whilst still featuring a two part security concept. The aim is always that Securiclip Hangers are not an overhead but are economic to invest in as a solution for guests' clothes hanging needs during their stay.

The collection

Developed in collaboration with innovative industrial designers Martyn Rowlands Associates, and with input as to form from a renowned tailoring company, the collection comprises the original Standard Model, the subsequent Economy Model, and most recently the Acrylic version which was added particularly for the way the hangers catch the light in rooms where clothes rails are open.

The design - Martyn Rowlands

Martyn, a graduate of the Central School of Art ( prior to its merger to become Central St. Martin's ) was chosen for the project because of his work as a pioneer in the use of new polymers. The goal was to create with him a clip which was easy to instal on the rail and above all was front loading and "bold" to enable relaxed hanging and removal of clothing.

The second part of the goal was to take advantage of material of the " structural foam" family so that a fully contoured hanger could at the same time be both cost effective yet rigid.

The material

It is known as "structural" because, unlike a normal polymer, when moulded it has a cellular structure inside and a hard skin outside, not unlike a honeycomb when magnified. The hollow cells are similar in effect to the long hollow tracheid cells  which contribute to the stability of trees, hence the term synthetic wood.


Acrylic Hangers

Standard Hangers

Economy Hangers